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Does Not Like Profanity

A character either cannot or tries not to curse, and it sounds awkward when s/he does

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Profanity is part of our day-to-day life, with a whole plethora of curse words available for use in any situation that calls for them. It is still something of a taboo, especially for younger people, but most have accepted it as something that happens and is justified.

However, there are still some who don't accept the use of profanity around them. This is usually due to a moralistic upbringing or the fact that they have an occupation where use of bad language is not allowed. Movies like to have fun with these sorts of characters, having them try to correct or counter the uses of profanity around them.

As a side note, when and if these characters do end up using a Precision F-Strike, it's usually either for comic effect or to show just how serious the situation has become.

Comic Books
  • In Luke Cage's backstory his grandma didn't allow profanity in the house, which is why he says things like "Sweet Christmas" and "Holy Spit!"

  • Although he has a temper, the only use of profanity that we see Prince Albert use in The King's Speech is "bloody". That is, until his speech coach Lionel Logue notices that he never stammers when angry, and encourages him to curse it up, leading to a hilarious Cluster F-Bomb.
  • Mel Gibson plays a former preacher in Signs, and when asked to curse and act angry to scare people off of his property, he says he can't because "it doesn't sound natural when I curse". It's a tribute to Gibson's acting ability that this sounds completely authentic coming from him, as does the hilariously awkward use of profanity that follows.

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