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Group Blowout Fight

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A group of friends fight amongst each other, all the unresolved tension comes to the surface and everything they've been hiding from each other gets revealed. Usually starts with someone accidentally revealing another's secret and then the other person spitefully reveals more secrets.


Live-Action TV
  • On Big Wave Dave's it's stated that Dave, Marshall and Richie periodically have huge blowups, then have a dinner together to iron everything out. But the show only lasted 6 episodes so we only see this happen once.
  • Community seems to loves these. In the pilot episode Jeff intentionally causes a fight between the study group by playing everyone's differences off against each other. The first episode of the second season had the group fight again due to Jeff and Britta's Escalating War going too far. The second season bottle episode had the group fight starting because of Annie's missing pen. And later in that season the fact that the group fights so much is lampshaded and the subject of the series's faux-clip show.
  • Charmed
    • One episode had the Halliwell sisters fighting each other mainly because the demon of anger was goading them on. During the argument each sister's various issues came to a head. Phoebe and Piper reveal their annoyance at Prue's overbearing and controlling tendencies. Prue and Phoebe beaten Piper at her lack of confidence and spontaneity. Piper and Prue go at Phoebe for her irresponsibility and selfishness. The argument crescendos to the point of the girls using their powers on one another and then losing them because the base of their magic lies in their strength as sisters.
    • In a later episode (after Prue had been Killed Off for Real and Paige replaces her.) the Halliwells encounter a muse. The muse tends to inspire people whether they want to or not and it causes others around them to become more passionate. Under the muse's influence the Halliwell's start arguing at the drop of a hat and Phoebe and Cole's unresolved relationship issues come to light.
  • Happens a few times on Friends. One notable example is when Chandler, Monica, and Ross spend half an episode spitefully revealing each others secrets.

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  • February 21, 2013
    On Big Wave Daves it's stated that Dave, Marshall and Richie periodically have huge blowups, then have a dinner together to iron everything out. But the show only lasted 6 episodes so we only see this happen once.
  • August 24, 2015
    Comic Books
    • In Watchmen, the catastrophic attack on Manhattan is preceded by a massive argument that draws in an increasing number of the miniseries' side characters.
    • In the "Homeschooling" arc of Runaways, an accident blows up part of the team's house, resulting in Old Lace dying and Klara developing a severe case of Power Incontinence. In the aftermath, Chase blames Klara for Old Lace's death and verbally berates her, Klara's powers go even more berserk, Victor decides to take Chase's side (because the accident was his fault in the first place and he doesn't want anyone to find out) and Nico arbitrarily uses magic to force Klara to calm down, which pisses off Molly, because it reminds her of how her evil parents used to use mind control to force her to go to sleep. By the end of the arc, Chase abandons the team, and the remaining Runaways are all wondering how much longer they'll be able to stay together.

    Western Animation
    • One episode of Family Guy ends with the entire Griffin family beating the shit out of each other after their attempts to forge a healthy new family dynamic go horribly, horribly wrong.
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  • August 25, 2015
    Baudolino: Near the end of the book, the survivors of the disastrous expedition to the kingdom of Prester John (except for Baudolino), are gathered by the Archpoet. The Archpoet then explains that he's deduced one of them murdered Emperor Barbarossa in order to steal the Grail in a sealed reliquary, and that of the three one has to be guilty. Each denies it until Baudolino, who'd been eavesdropping, explains that the real thief grabbed the wrong reliquaries, Baudolino had it the whole time. The Archpoet then demands the Grail, Baudolino refuses, and they fight until the Archpoet is killed. The others don't join in the fight, but their fellowship is irreparably broken, having clung together only as long as their quest had a purpose. Later Baudolino considers himself the murderer, having learned he'd thrown the comatose-but-not-yet-dead Barbarossa's body into the river.