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A band writes about a character or concept on several different albums
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Syd Barrett was the original lead singer of Pink Floyd, his tragic life and mental illness have been the subject of multiple Pink Floyd albums to one degree or another.

This is a rare, but often music trivia-worthy phenomenon where a band writes about a specific concept or person on multiple albums. This does not include writing about a general topic like religion, freedom, love, or heartbreak. This also does not include double albums released at the same time or within a few days or weeks of each other.


  • Perhaps the ur example: Pink Floyd has written about the tragic life of original lead singer Syd Barrett on many of their most famous albums, most notably "Wish You Were Here", "Dark Side of the Moon", "The Wall", and "The Final Cut".

  • Canadian progressive rock band Saga have a series of songs titled as "chapters" spread out over the course of their first four major studio albums "Saga", "Silent Knight", "Images at Twilight", and "Worlds Apart". The songs were not released in chronological order and while they don't particularly flow into one another sonically. They are numbered independently of each album's track listings however, and do tell a vague and surreal story about maybe...locusts...or...something?

The Canadian rockers also seem to do this later in their careers with a character named "Sammy" from a song called "No Man's Land" on their "Security of Illusion" album who seems to become the subject of their entire next album "Generation 13".

  • Canadian Prog rock band Rush(go figure!) released two instrumentals titled "Where's My Thing" and "Leave That Thing Alone" on two subsequent albums "Roll the Bones" and "Counterparts". Described as experiments in funk by a white Canadian funk player's standards by members of the band.

  • British hard rock/metal band Iron maiden released a song on their 1980 debut album called "Charlotte the Harlot" about a prostitute who begins to lose her identity in her work. They write a follow up song about the tragic Charlotte on their 1982 "Number of the Beast" album titled "22 Acacia Avenue".
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