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Episode in Vegas
The main characters spend a few days in Las Vegas
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Is this common enough to be tropable? If yes, then it'll need a better description, because mine sucks.

Basically, an episode of a TV show (or other episodic medium) when several members of the main cast (or even the entire main cast) spend the majority of the episode in Las Vegas. Tropes associated with Las Vegas (gambling, losing all their money, getting unexpectedly married, Seigfried & Roy) are mandatory.

  • Rugrats had an episode where everybody went to Vegas. They all ditched Stu, leaving him to babysit all the kids. Grandpa Lou won some giant sacks of money, which he later had to throw away to create a distraction. Contained Seigfried & Roy expys.
  • One episode of the Simpsons had Ned Flanders deciding his life was too boring, and he asked Homer to show him how to be wild and spontaneous. Homer took Ned to Vegas: They lost all of their money, got drunk, woke up hung over and married (even though they're both already married), but then their "new" wives left them for Seigfried & Roy.
  • The Drew Carey Show had a 4-way crossover with 3 other shows that took place in Las Vegas. Each of the 4 shows had an episode that could stand on its own, but had characters from the other 3 shows appearing in it. (If anyone could remember the other 3 shows and list them, it would be appreciated.)
  • Bosom Buddies had an episode where the gang went to Vegas (or perhaps Monaco) and won a big pile of money, then lost it again a few minutes later.
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