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Bureaucracy Trumps All
When characters in a humorous fantasy are subject to mundane laws and restrictions
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This is when fantasy is played for laughs by presuming that no matter what is happening, the background standards of a civilized, law-abiding, highly regulated society prevail. The humor is that the juxtaposition is usually absurd- if any authority existed that could enforce petty rules and regulations, most of the scenerios of heroic fantasy wouldn't make sense.

  • The Tolkien parody Bored of the Rings is a prime example, with both heroes (such as they are) and villains fighting for the fate of a world where nonetheless the standards of mid-Twentieth century America are in force:
**"But, as Frito saw with surprise, the Black Nine were halted at the foot of the crossing by a figure robed in shining rainment. 'Toll, please,' commanded the figure of the startled Riders."

  • In the comic book adaptation of the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine, the submarine is ticketed and towed for illegal parking by Rita the Metermaid.


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