Tabletop Game / Robo Rally

Robo Rally is a board game from Wizards of the Coast, a product submitted to the company by Richard Garfield. (Wizards liked it, and mentioned that they were also looking for, say, a portable strategy game played using a deck of cards.) The game is a deceptively hard rush to get your robot to touch all of the flags in order, while avoiding the other players.

The Excuse Plot is that the players are Master Factory Computers, and they are extremely intelligent, manipulative and bored. They decide to reprogram some of the factory robots to do a race across the floors. Did I mention they have to avoid pits, lasers, fire, radioactive waste, oil spills, pushers, conveyor belts and crushers along the way? Oh, and of course the other robots. The robot can also acquire random, unique upgrades which lets them do everything from shooting two lasers at once to using a jetpack to fly across the board.

Needless to say, the more players there are, the more crazy things get.

Tropes seen in this game include...