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Girlfriend In Canada
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A convenient way to imply that a character is in the closet, or covering for social ineptness: have them mention their girlfriend. In Canada. She doesn't visit very often, but when she does they just spend all day in bed. No, you can't see a picture.

A subtrope of The Beard, the Girlfriend In Canada is convenient for writers as she doesn't actually exist, and thus doesn't require casting or characterization.


  • Avenue Q: Her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancouver.
  • The Onion Article Canadian Girlfriend Unsubstantiated. Here.

Live-Action Television
  • Chuck: Emmett Milbarge claims to have a girlfriend named Henrietta in Ontario.
  • In the pilot episode of Glee, Sandy Ryerson claims that the scandal that got him sacked almost cost him his long distance girlfriend in another city. Will does not look convinced.
  • Bohort's wife in Kaamelott is an interesting example in that she's mentioned by Bohort as getting very sick whenever she goes anywhere, and is thus never seen. Everyone goes "Sick. Riiiiiiiight.", but at the end of the episode, we do see his wife. It should be mentioned that she shows up to enforce the character's heterosexuality, as Bohort's very... refined nature ended up putting the actor on the cover of a gay magazine.

Western Animation
  • Mission Hill: There`s 1 or 2 guys who say they have a girlfriend in Canada, in the first episode.

Comic Books
  • Knights of the Dinner Table. Brian Van Hoose claimed to have a girlfriend named Alexis Marie. He sometimes pretended to call her or even booked motel rooms. He even once claimed they were engaged and sent out wedding invitations.

Web Original
  • Web Original--a series of satirical stories about a tabletop gaming character claims to have a girlfriend in Canada. No one believes him, of course. He leaves for a year or so. In the meantime, a second fellow gets a girlfriend who actually shows up to gaming sessions.
When the first fellow returns, he is very upset that the girl (yes, his girlfriend) has been cheating on him, and the second fellow gets upset that the girl failed to tell him she was Canadian.
  • Urban Dictionary entry here.

Real Life
  • This trope was This Troper's bane for much of high school, because my girlfriend actually did live in Canada. Hilarity ensued when some people took this as a tacit admission of homosexuality!

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