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Hello! I'd quite like to launch this, so please don't jump in and take it...

Anyway, I was reading [[Unwinnable]] and it ocurred to me that there are two tropes being discussed there. The first is when the game becomes unwinnable because of a bug or a miscalculation in programming (eg. the game accidentally spawns the player behind a locked door, with no way out) and the second is when the programmers have intentionally programmed in something that will make the game unwinnable as a kind of 'trap'. For example, in King's Quest V it is possible to feed a vulture with an item that you need later in the game; this is not a bug - the game has a specific 'feeding' animation that it uses.

Cases where the game is unwinnable because of (apparent) programming or design neglect - an item that is vital to completing the game can be missed by accident, for example, or it being possible to spend all your money on knick-knacks so that you can't afford an important object - can probably stay in unwinnable.

So! We need a new name for the split topic. But I'm sure we can come up with something better than Programmed For Pain...

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