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Angel Devil Shipping

Shipping between a sweet, innocent character and a devilish, malicious character.

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We all know the appeal of Mind Game Ship, playing another persons mind like its a game and what not but this trope can also go hand in hand with Mind Game Ship. Take two characters: One is sweet, innocent, kind, caring what have you, in other words a perfect angel. The second character is malicious, possibly perverted, and devilish in other words a devil. Then you pair up the two characters. Now the main aspect here lies in the fact that the Devil character can do all sorts of things to torment the Angel character and in the end the two characters will fall in love despite everything or perhaps because of everything.

May be yaoi or overlap with Foe Yay.

Generally, a combination of Mind Game Ship and Opposites Attract, with a dash of Rape Is Love / Draco in Leather Pants, depending on whether the 'ship is canon or not.


Anime and Manga


Western Animation

Video Games
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link and Dark Link, Link and Ganon, Link and Ghirahim. And none of them canon.
  • Laharl/Flonne from the first Disgaea is a literal example (albeit with a Noble Demon). There's also Flonne/Etna for non-canon ships as well.
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