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Airborne Amateur
Someone who isn't a pilot has to pilot a plane.
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The Hero needs a quick escape but the nearest, fastest thing is a plane, and the hero does not know how to fly. He and his crew hop in anyway and they haphazardly soar away, usually while trying to outfly Mooks attacking them, or fiery columns and crumbling beams falling from the Collapsing Lair. Expect the hero's snarky Sidekick asking, "Do you even know how to fly this thing?" or even the hero asking himself, "How do you fly this thing?" Sometimes a character is given a jetpack, magically granted wings, or given the power of self-propelled flight leading to a How Do I Shot Web? situation of them jumping and attempting to fly before crashing back to earth, prior to them actually figuring out how to fly.

Closely related to Falling into the Cockpit, where a young, inexperienced character is basically given the keys to a flying machine and through a helpful dose of Beginner's Luck and Contrived Coincidences gets to keep it.

Compare to Crash Course Landing when a non-pilot has to be coached through the flying or landing of an aircraft by air traffic control or an actual pilot.

Oh, and always expect a crash landing.

  • In Thor: The Dark World Thor takes one of the Dark Elves' flying cruisers as part of his plan to make a treasonous escape from Asgard. Loki wonders if his plan involved Thor suddenly knowing how to fly the ship. As expected, they do a lot of damage in their escape.
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice ends with Dave and his girlfriend flying off to Paris on a giant metal eagle he'd animated with magic. He warns her that he has no idea how to land it. She laughs, and he assures her that he isn't kidding.
  • John Carter has a scene where he takes a solar-operated, flying, cycle-thing back to the Thark settlement in order to rally them for the battle at the end of the film. He has no clue how to properly fly it at first and crash lands no less than three times.
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