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Splitting Animesque into
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I have noticed that the Animesque page had a description that only covered works that you could easily call "anime" if not for fear of enraging the purists, while the examples show lots of works that show anime influences but couldn't possibly be called anime in any meaningful sense, from Dexter's Laboratory to The Matrix.

So I'd like to make a specific, separate trope for stuff that takes cue from general Japanese media. Not just Manga and Anime: Visual Novel, Dating Sim, JRPG, Light Novel, Katarazuka...

A book that seems straight out of a JRPG, or that has a Light Novel-type pacing and style. A movie with the plot elements of a Dating Sim. A western Visual Novel (anime-ish artstyle not complusory). A work that incorporates shounen-esque Hot-Blooded speeches about the spring of youth and The Power of Friendship, or one that incorporates Japan-stlyle Bad Ass rather than Western style

Think Vash The Stampede rather than The Man With No Name, Tidus rather than Will Turner, Char Aznable rather than The Count Of Monte Cristo, the Lagoon crew rather than your average Western Terrorist, Sagara Sosuke rather than Rambo... Bayonetta rather than Lara Croft, Nausicaa rather than Pocahontas, Haruhi rather than Hanna Montana, Chihiro rather than Coraline...

So, common tropes would be including a younger cast (usually teenagers or adults in their twenties rather than the people in their thirties-forties), more imporbable but more dramatic action, including wacky comedy in a way that would feel like Genre-Busting to your average Western viewer, maybe having a Tournament Arc, treating dating and romantic comedy in a very specific way (the Dere tropes being commonly used)... Also, notice how Japanese-influenced Western movies seldom take their cues from Japanese movies or Dorama, but from... the other stuff.

So, it's kinda vague, but let's see what we've got:
  • Firefly: River Tam is a very Anime-ish character. I won't be the first one to remark that Joss Whedon incorporates japanese influences in his work.
  • Snow Crash: T.J. as an extremely young heroine, the incredibly over-the-top action and pacing, the infodumps and the liberal use of Western mythology... And it is AWESOME.
  • The Matrix: This and Heroic Bloodshed. The way the action scenes are handled, the look of the actual storyboard, the Character Archetypes used, Morpheus, Smith and the Oracle's prose...
  • Speed Racer: It's a direct adaptation of an anime. What did you expect?
  • Sucker Punch: yeah... A Sailor Fuku, Katana-wielding girl fights cyborg samurai...
  • Scott Pilgrim: both the comic and the book use lots of Anime, Manga, and much more importantly Videogame influences, but they are Western enough you can't possibly think they're anime, especially the movie.
  • Lots of Fan Fiction, by their very nature, can't possibly be Anime, yet even when they aren't based on anime you can sense the influence, and it doesn't have to be about Seme/Uke interactions only. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is a pretty good example of this done right. At one point, the author managed to have a scene where Voldemort-as-Quirell saves Harry Potter's life from a group of yaoi fangirls and not only have it be entirely plausible and flowing naturally from the narrative, but most of the readers didn't even notice the enormity of what had just happened ontil someone pointed it out.

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