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Standard Superhero Solo Set Up
Solo Superhero cast
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A large amount of solo superhero comics roughly follow the following cast set up, similar to the 5 man band for ensembles.

Hero (no surprise there)

Civilian Cast: usually don't know secret identity Parent(s) (usually only one, sometimes guardian, uncle, grandparent) Friends/Coworkers Disposable Civilian Love interest Boss/ Teacher

Hero-ing cast: May not know civilian identity. Nakama and friendly guest stars Tech and info person. Mission control. Reporter/Police Officer. 2 varieties: 1) Helpful, friendly version. Gives info, keeps others off hero's back. Ally. 2) Grudging, curious or Knight Templar version who tries to discover hero's identity or frame them. Neutral-to-foe. Mentor. May come down under mission control or parent or nakama/friend guest star Superhero love interest: Generally gets more screen time than civilian counterpart; less likely to end up a Scrappy or Wesley.

Villains: Archenemy: often the Big Bad. May be a shadow counterpart, or polar opposite, of the hero. Might be inherited from mentor, or previous legacy holder. Rogues Gallery: the recurring, vaguely aligned foes of the hero Crisis/Crossover foes: pop up briefly as Big Bads for Crises and Crossovers, with little prompting within the solo book

  • A large amount of superhero comics use this template:
U Ltimate Spiderman, Robin, Red Robin, Batgirl (all volumes), Flash, Nightwing, old Supergirl, Powergirl.... a fair few
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