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Wise Elder
Everything has one, that kinda-old guy that knows a lot and saves the day.
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a.k.a "Batman's batman"

The stay-at-home and-a-fair-bit-older guy, that's in everything. Sometimes it's the curator who babbles dead languages. Mostly it's the 'For our audience' guy that both handily tells everyone the important points and also manages to become epic and save the day, despite being middle-aged.

Examples are Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Coulson and sometimes Fury (and, more recently, Bruce Banner) from [insert Marvel film name here] and Tony Stark's Jarvis from Iron Man and The Avengers; Alfred from Batman, Gaius from Merlin and Grandma Norma in Dr Seuss' the Lorax as well as Grandpa in The Lost Boys.
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