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Hollywood Gasoline
When gasoline is ridiculously combustible and lasting.
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Hollywood has a bizarre depiction of gasoline. It takes only a single normal bullet to a gas tank to cause the whole thing to blow itself sky high and even after the end of the world as we knew it, when either zombies, aliens, nature or God Himself has decided to screw over what took millennia to build, someone (even years down the line, with no refinery in sight) is still using the gas to fuel a car and as a means to start a camp fire, except that gas doesn't work that way.

In real life, liquid gasoline is nowhere near as easily combustible as it is in fiction, and it also has an expiration date after which it stops being completely combustible. It usually happens around three months after being produced, but in our everyday lives it's not a problem since it usually gets used long before the end of its natural shelf life. And while there are artificial means to preserve the gas for longer than its natural shelf life, it doesn't happen in a car's gas tank, which is where 99% of all fuel used in Post-apocalyptic fiction is obtained by the protagonist.

A Sub-trope of Artistic License Chemistry and Ragnarok-Proofing. Related to and the cause of Every Car Is a Pinto.
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