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Laconic Confrontation
A villain appears suddenly and unexpectedly, and immediately, with no words said to the protagonist(s), fighting starts.
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Changed Title. Used to be "Darth Vader Moment" The original name came from a memorable example from The Empire Strikes Back, the scene where Han and Leia are walking in cloud city. They go through a door and Darth Vader is standing there. Immediately and wordlessly, Han draws his blaster and starts lighting up on Vader.

The key factors are:
  • The villain simply and suddenly appears or is revealed where they wouldn't be expected
  • There is no 'so we meet again' type speech or anything, where one might have expected there to have been.
  • very quickly, someone attacks the other, or both at the same time.

  • The aforementioned moment in The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Spider Man has a few examples:
    • The very first time Spider-Man went up against Green Goblin, he simply swung in with a kick to the face. They went to the ground for a fight and didn't really say much until the fight was over.
    • Also in the first movie, Spider-Man enters a burning building to save innocents, only to have the Green Goblin show up out of nowhere and punch him in the face. Fighting ensues.
    • In Spider-Man 2, the first time Doctor Octopus shows up, Peter is at the bank with his aunt and narrowly saves them from getting smashed by the bank vault. He changes into Spider-Man and the two start fighting a few seconds before any dialogue is given.
    • Also in Spider-Man 2, Peter and MJ are having dinner when a car suddenly gets thrown through the window and almost flattens them, courtesy of Doctor Octopus who apparently loves throwing heavy objects when he enters scenes.
    • When Harry turns into the second Green Goblin, he first shows up while Peter Parker is coming back from a date, still in his civilian clothes. Peter ends up smashed into a wall before he gets the chance to say anything.
  • The first X Men film has a scene in which Sabertooth throws a log into Wolverine's truck in order to capture Rogue. This also leads into a rare hero example when Cyclops shows up out of nowhere and blasts him. Niether Sabertooth or Cyclops say a word.
  • The children's soap Byker Grove had a more light hearted example, where two girls who were competing to pass their driving tests met one another on the road, stared each other down and deliberately crashed into one another.
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