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Gun Pointed Entry
Someone armed with a gun opens a door and has their gun pointed, raised and waving around the room.
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A character, whether a policeman, security guard or other form of armed personnel in an form of media, enters a room in some fashion, mostly by kicking a door down or similar, and immediately raises and points their gun at the inside of the room. They may wave it about whilst looking for perceivable threats.

In real life doing this could easily lead to accidentally losing your gun via over-enthusiastic moving and probable dropping or letting off a round from a slight squeeze of the trigger unless you practice proper trigger safety. It is also more likely to convince any occupants in the room that you are a hostile if you have your gun directly pointed forward, as opposed to pointing upward at the ceiling or at a low angle which makes it easier to present yourself as a non-hostile.


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  • Under Siege. When Ryback enters the U.S.S. Missouri's bridge near the end of the movie he has his gun pointed in front of him. Watch it here.

     Live Action 
  • Used in an episode of Square One TV's "Mathnet" (except for there not being actual guns). While dealing with a hostage situation, Frank & Kate draw their calculators from their shoulder holsters. They bust down a door and Frank points his calculator like a gun, yelling "Mathematicians, freeze!" Thing is, they were at the wrong place entirely.

     Video Games 
  • While mostly played straight in other scenes in the game, Resident Evil 4 also subverts this at the start. When Leon enters the first house he comes across, he has his gun held pointing upward and his finger isn't immediately on the trigger to boot. Other times though he plays this straight one he realizes just how hostile the locals are.
    • Played straight in the first game remake in Jill's story. Jill and Barry kick the door to the dining room open and immediately have their guns pointed forward.
  • Averted in Metal Gear Solid 2. When most characters enter a room, they have their gun at a lower angle and when Snake/Pliskin does so as well during the first encounter with Vamp, he instead searches the room with his eyes. Raiden does play this trope semi-straight though to show his naivete, when he first meets Peter Stillman. In a Making Of video on The Document of Metal Gear Solid, military advisor Motosada Mori made a point to avert this during a demonstration to the dev and motion capture team. He demonstrated playing this trope straight then advised the team not to do that and instead scan a room with their eyes, only pointing a gun somewhere once a definite threat was sighted.
  • Averted in XCOM: Enemy Unknown: your soldiers keep their guns pointed down when they storm into a room after kicking the door in.

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