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Rolling Updates. Will launch as Themed Cursor if no Pungeon Master comes to the rescue.

You, that thing in computer (and non-computer) videogames where the cursor is something based on the game itself rather than just an arrow. Most commonly a crosshair or a character's or creature's hand. A staple of Real-Time Strategy games.

  • GoldenEye has an out-of-game crosshair cursor.
  • In WarCraft III the cursor is the hand of whatever race you're currently playing as.
  • In Command & Conquer, when you have an unit selected, your cursor becomes a sonar-like pattern when hovering over passable terrain, a "no" symbol when over impassable terrain and a crosshair when over enemies.
  • StarCraft has... something...
  • In The Neverhood, the cursor is your standard arrow-- but, like everything else in the game, it's made of clay.
  • The somewhat obscure game Lab14 has a standard cursor... except on one level, you're using your mouse cursor as a platform to jump on.
  • In Myst, it's your hand.
  • In some games the cursor itself exists in-universe.
    • In Mario & Wario its Wanda the Fairy, the player character.
    • Same goes for the Wonder Project J games, the robot bird is the cursor and the player character.
    • Your cursor is also the player character in Bubble Ghost.
    • In Sonic Battle, the cursor is an arrow ''and'' your character.
    • Similarly, the Hand in the Creatures series isn't just a pointer, your creatures can see and interact with it.
    • In Black & White, your pointer is pretty much your own godly hand, which you can use to pick up and drop stuff, throw things, and even pet or slap.
    • The hand in DungeonKeeper work like the ones in BlackAndWhite and Creatures. Though more so, the hand can, infact, possess said creatures and become their minds. The Dungeon Keeper series example would be one of the most extreme examples of this trope.
  • In Recent ''Legend of Zelda' games they use these to show off the new controls. Twilight Princess has Navi as the Wiimote pointer. Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass used the Exposition Fairies as indicators of where you touch.
  • In Mario Paint, the cursor is shaped like Mario's glove.
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