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Sequel Difficulty Drop
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Anytime the next video game (or perhaps another medium) in a series is either easier overall, or includes at least one difficulty mode that's easier than those in the previous game(s).

Perhaps the most common reason is that the developers and/or publisher of this sequel feel that the difficulty of the previous game was too high, and hurt sales. But it doesn't often lead to an extreme drop in difficulty, just enough to ease new players in. So Easy-Mode Mockery is largely averted with these. It also doesn't preclude Sequel Escalation in elements other than difficulty.

I'm not sure if this should include dropping the Fake Difficulty elements in the sequel. I'd like to discuss that in the replies.

Some argue that most games became this in the mid 90s, when games became more cinematic. Whether this is looking at games through a Nostalgia Filter or not depends on if you think more cinematic games is a good thing.

Compare Easier Than Easy, Lighter and Softer.

Contrast Sequel Difficulty Spike, Surprise Difficulty.
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