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Turbo Turtler
A fast character that can take a lot of hits but can't deliver hits.
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In video games some competitors are really fast and hard to hit, but go down with one punch. Others are easy to hit, but you'll need a ton of hits.

Then there's this guy. He moves fast and can take blows without flinching, but his own strikes just don't have anything behind them. He may have a poor selection of attacks, and he probably relies on the Death of a Thousand Cuts, peppering you with weak blows until you keel over.

Compare Mighty Glacier, Lightning Bruiser, Jack-of-All-Stats, Gradual Grinder, Stone Wall and Fragile Speedster. Contrast Glass Cannon.

Comic Books
  • X-Men villain the Blob may qualify. Despite his girth he was by no means a slow mover, and because of his girth he was extremely hard to damage.

  • Star Wars Expanded Universe: the lightsaber style of Soresu was created to defend both against multiple blaster-wielding foes and single opponents. Since it's done by a Jedi it's obviously also quite fast. However, it requires both the endurance and the concentration to last until the opponent (finally) showed a weakness in their defense, or else it would merely delay the inevitable. It's an established canon fact that Obi-Wan was acknowledged as the ultimate master of this technique. The Djem So style was created by Soresu practitioners who however preferred making their own openings over waiting for others' openings.
    • In the novelization of ROTS, Obi-Wan defends from sixteen lightsaber strikes a second while fighting General Grevious.

Video Games

Fighting Game
  • Super Smash Bros. has Metal Mario, who is just as fast as regular Mario but much tougher. Brawl makes Yoshi into one of these.
  • Q in Street Fighter III.
  • Tenten in the Naruto Storm series, but especially Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, is a bizarre example of this: One of her special moves is to lay mines surrounding herself, which is intended to keep opponents from coming close. She doesn't have to move from her spot, as she can fight entirely through projectiles (including some rather lengthy projectile combos). In other words, Tenten is a Stone Wall in practice. In true Stone Wall fashion, she has the lowest damage output of the entire series. Unlike most Stone Walls, however, she runs fairly quickly, though this is only to run away in case the opponent has gotten too close.

  • World of Warcraft:
    • Retribution paladins used to play like this in PVP. They had high defense and the ability to negate movement impairing spells cast upon them. More importantly they had strong self healing potential even in DPS mode allowing them to outlast almost any opponent. Sadly they were one of weakest damage dealers of all PVP DPS specs. Later expansions boosted Paladin damage and weakened their self heals in retribution mode, as paladins were complaining about being unable to kill anyone and everyone else was complaining about being unable to kill a paladin.
    • A Warrior in skilled hands can be described as a Stone Wall with a jet engine strapped to it. Their "charge" techniques allow them to close with a target quite rapidly.

  • Terran military vessels in the X-Universe games are often this. While they're always very durable and tend to be a good bit faster than class average, their damage output is weak thanks largely to a poor selection of guns. Their heavy fighters have to use guns better suited to an interceptor, and their frigates rely on corvette-weight weaponry. As for the heavy capitals, their guns are about equal to the Commonwealth's in base damage, but the rate of fire is way lower.

  • MechWarrior: Living Legends has the Hephaestus hovercraft. It's fast, has pathetic weaponry, but the armor of a 60 ton main battle tank. It presumably gained the Fan Nickname "Hepatitis" by being so hard to get rid of.

Puzzle Game
  • In the Meteos series, the civilization on planet Forte can empty its playing field faster than most other civilizations, chaining as much as needed before doing so. This made it a Game Breaker in the first game and Meteos Online. Forte got a Nerf in Meteos Wars via a huge reduction in the amount of garbage blocks sent to the opponent when clearing blocks. This meant Forte was still a very fast scorer, and it's difficult to overwhelm it, but it can only defeat opponents through attrition.
  • A Scout with Bonk can potentially become a Titanium Peashooter for a few seconds. While under the effects of Bonk, the Scout can't attack, but he can "dodge" all damage (including flamethrowers, fall damage, and even the self inflicted damage from triple-jumping while carrying the Atomizer), soaking up rockets and distracting sentries.

  • Annoyance Pokémon in the video games fall under this category, such as Lopunny, Altaria, Crobat, Umbreon, and Mandibuzz. They all have at least decent speed and good enough defensive stats to take a hit in case things don't go as planned, but none of them can attack hard enough to make decisive blows. Instead, they control the pace of the battle by slowing it down as much as they can and whittle away the opponents' HP bit by bit each turn, most often through stackable status conditions.

Real Life
  • The British Crusader Tank series of WW2 was one of those. It was deliberately designed to go a whole lot faster and to be more manouevrable than its German opponents. A stripped-down Crusader used later in the war to tow heavy artillery managed 70mph on a good road; the gun tank could do nearly fifty, twice as fast as the German Panzer IV. But this speed was achieved at a cost: the tank's armour was thin, as speed was held to be its best defense. However these were the first British tanks to experiment with the novel idea of sloped and angled defensive armour, which was good at deflecting shots that would otherwise penetrate. For much of its front-line life, it could only mount the minimal two pounder (37mm) main gun. Not very good, at a time when Germany was stepping up to the 50mm weapon and ideally the 75mm as standard on its tanks.

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