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Roaring Rapids
The part of the game where you get dragged through fast water at top speed.
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This is a Stock Video Game Setting, and it's the marine equivalent of Gusty Glade. Instead of wind currents blowing you all over the place, there are fast-moving currents in a river,ocean or other body of water. The player character usually either has to simply ride them out or maneuver whatever he or she is riding on to hit the correct current for the location they're traveling to. Mess up, and they're pushed way off course. If you're really unlucky, you may wind up stuck in a whirlpool.

Another variation, found in underwater levels, is that the current requires speed boost phlebotinum or help from another character to get past them or block the current off. Alternately, they may serve as a Broken Bridge or Chokepoint Geography to force the character in a certain direction in the game, or be something like a one way street. In this case,making a mistake can get you blown all the way back to the beginning. Sometimes, the liquid in question can be something other than water as well.

In both cases, fast reflexes are usually required to avoid missing your turn and keep you going in the right direction.

May overlap with Tube Travel. The underwater version usually involves Super Not-Drowning Skills, though not always.

Naturally, this will show up in any game involving jet-skiing or white-water rafting.


[[Folder:Action Adventure]]
  • The rafting minigame in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where you need to shoot targets and steer your boat (one or the other), losing points as you slam into things.
  • In Tomb Raider III, the Madubu Gorge level in the South Pacific features whitewater rapids that can only be traversed by kayak.
  • Dragons Lair has a level where Dirk falls into an underground river and has to weave through rapids and whirlpools.
  • *The Waterway from Cave Story. You can't fight the current underwater; all you can do is let it carry you and time your jumps to avoid obstacles.

[[Folder:Beat 'Em Up]]

  • The ending sequence of the Oregon Trail games have you guiding your wagon down the Columbia river.

  • Several Mariokart games have levels with this; though it's mostly you guiding the kart down the tube and trying not to slam into the walls/your opponents/whatever they're tossing at you.

[[Folder:Role Playing Games]]
  • Pokémon has these in both Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Black and White. They're surfing areas that are often broken up by still water where you must choose the correct next part of the current. Some also involve small jumps or areas of shallow water or land. Items will often be resting or floating there, along with trainers looking to battle. Fortunately, the Goddamned Bats leave you alone while you're whipping along at high speed.
    • It's also part of the maze in Pokémon Red and Blue that must be navigated to catch Articuno. Rocks are pushed into the water through holes in the floor above to block the fast water.
    • Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire have probably the largest one,since Hoenn region has so much water, and good luck shooting for the tiny area you have to dive into to get the Regi sidequest started.
  • Ecco The Dolphin has the underwater type, requiring Ecco to push a rock ahead of himself to bypass the fast currents.
  • Endless Ocean has a few of these where the character has to hold onto their dolphin partner to swim against them. In other cases, you get blown back with a "The current is too strong" message.
  • Golden Sun. In The Lost Age, you need to navigate the whirlpools and currents in order to get to Lemuria. By going around the whirlpools in the correct sequence, you move along the correct path, as others will simply take you back to the beginning.

  • Wii Sports Resort has several games with kayaking and jet-ski piloting that involve maneuvering through rapids.

I checked the stock settings index and was surprised not to see one for this, unless I missed it somewhere. I'm wondering, should it be split into above water/surfing and underwater sections or just wait and see?

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