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Wicked Toymaker
A twisted inventor of less-than-savory toys
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Look at all this stuff! Creepy dolls, demonic dummies, wicked marionettes... who the hell makes all this stuff, and why hasn't he had his license revoked yet?

The Wicked Toymaker is someone who makes broken toys, and not in the "need new parts" sense. A subversion of the fairy tale trope of the beloved innocent toymaker who cares for children everywhere, the toymaker will often have a love for children that, while not often going into Squick territory, is nonetheless twisted. Perhaps they have a child's whimsy... and impertinence. Maybe they value kids so much, they want them to be safe and happy... especially from meddling parents. Or maybe it's the toys themselves that matter, and any kid who's dumb enough to break them deserves his wrath.

Examples of this trope include:

Comic Books
  • Toyman from Superman, whose motivation varies from telling to telling but usually focuses on the fact that he's a somewhat broken man who makes deadly little toys.

Live-Action TV
  • The Celestial Toymaker from Doctor Who, who abducts people to his little dimension, forces them to play lethal games, and threatens to destroy them utterly if they don't comply.


Video Games
  • Stauf from The 7th Guest earned a reputation as a toymaker, creating dolls from his strange dreams that serve as a means of killing several children. And it only goes downhill from there...

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