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Wicked Toymaker
A twisted inventor of less-than-savory toys
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Look at all this stuff! Creepy dolls, demonic dummies, wicked marionettes... who the hell makes all this stuff, and why hasn't he had his license revoked yet?

The Wicked Toymaker is someone who makes broken toys, and not in the "need new parts" sense. A subversion of the fairy tale trope of the beloved innocent toymaker who cares for children everywhere, the toymaker will often have a love for children that, while not often going into Squick territory, is nonetheless twisted. Perhaps they have a child's whimsy... and impertinence. Maybe they value kids so much, they want them to be safe and happy... especially from meddling parents. Or maybe it's the toys themselves that matter, and any kid who's dumb enough to break them deserves his wrath.

If this character sells their creations to other villains it's also an example of Welcome To Evil Mart.

Compare Robot Master.

Examples of this trope include:

Anime and Manga
  • One Piece: Sugar of Donquixote Pirates eats Hobi Hobi Fruit which makes her able to turn people (or even animals) into Living Toys. Also included is the ability to issue any kind of command into the toys, as well as making everyone forget about the former human's existence.
  • Drossel from the Kuroshitsuji anime. In life he was the puppeteer for a rich family, but Came Back Wrong into a creepy puppeteer determined to turn those who had contact with the Shard of Hope into dolls.

Comic Books
  • Superman
    • Toyman, a villain whose motivation varies from telling to telling but usually focuses on the fact that he's a somewhat broken man who makes deadly little toys.
    • Another Superman villain called the Prankster had this kind of mindset - if you want to split hairs, he technically used practical jokes rather than toys. He teamed up with Toyman more than once.
  • Wanted has a supervillain called the Doll-Master who is a Captain Ersatz of Toyman (with maybe a bit of the Tinkerer of Marvel Comics thrown in). He's a family man who will kill innocents, but won't swear in front of children.
  • In Fables, The Adversary, the mysterious Evil Overlord Big Bad of the first arc turns out to be the kindly toymaker Gepetto.
  • The Joker sometimes came across as this. His base in the cartoons seems to be some kind of abandoned hideous toy factory that still haunts some viewer's dreams.
  • An aversion in Alan Moore's Top 10. Robyn Slinger uses some fairly creepy toys as weapons/footsoldiers, but is far from wicked. Ditto with her father, as seen in The Forty Niners.
  • The Teen Titans villain the Puppeteer used remote controlled marionettes to murder people.

  • Andre Toulon of the Puppet Master series has created puppets that are definitely twisted in design. They range from the hook and knife handed Blade to the leech spewing Leech Woman. Depending on which movie of the series however, Andre is either a good guy who uses his puppets to fight against Nazis and other sorts of evils, or a wicked zombie who uses them to murder people for body parts.
  • In the film Attack of the Puppet People, a friendly puppet/dollmaker is shown to secretly shrink people in order to store tham in his lab. Every once in a while he pulls them out and makes them "play" for him.

  • Inverted in Witches Abroad: The toymaker is by no means evil, but he is not jovial and red faced, nor does he whistle as he works, and that is a very serious crime indeed in Genua (think DisneyWorld turned Up to Eleven).
  • Phillip Lemarchand from the Hellraiser series - Starts out a harmless toymaker and winds up creating dimensional doors to perverted hell dimensions.
  • In Oddkins: A Fable for All Ages by Dean Koontz, a group of living toys must find the toymaker their creator had selected to take over his work. If they do not, an evil toymaker will inherit his power instead and create magical toys that will harm children instead of helping them.
  • Tales of the Magic Land: Urfin Jus starts out making dolls with horrific grimaces that scare children, before progressing to magical golems with horrific grimaces that scare adults. After he gains conscience, he starts making smiling toys.
  • In the Strange Matter book Toy Trouble, the creepy toymaker Mr. Kepler sells evil toys that come to life.

Live-Action TV
  • The Celestial Toymaker from Doctor Who, who abducts people to his little dimension, forces them to play lethal games, and threatens to destroy them utterly if they don't comply.
  • Two versions of Superman's nemesis Toyman appeared in Lois and Clark.
    • Winslow Schott, played by The Jeffersons actor Sherman Helmsley (with the late Isabel Sandford, his Jeffersons co-star, playing his secretary Ms. Duffy), appeared in Metropolis at Christmas time, handing out toys with a chemical additive that turned children greedy and caused adults to act like children. Immune to the effect, Superman eventually found the source of the chemical and neutralized Schott's operation. At one point, Schott is referred to as "A Toyman" but is never actually called by the villain's name. Unlike the comics, the Schott character had a happy ending, finding romance with Ms. Duffy.
    • A second Toyman appeared during the show's run, this one actually called "The Toyman", played by Grant Shaud. Somewhat more sinister than the Winslow Schott character as portrayed by Helmsley, this Toyman whose real name is Harold Kripstly is responsible for several child abductions. Naturally, Superman foils his scheme and brings him to justice.
  • One of the first Saturday Night Live recurring sketches was a segment called "Consumer Probe". The interviewer always wound up interviewing toymaker Irwin Mainway (Dan Aykroyd), who made and marketed children's toys like "Bag o' Glass" and "General Tranh's Secret Police Confession Kit".

  • Doctor Steel. Not necessarily wicked, per se, but most definitely a creator of twisted toys. "Buzzsaw Babies", "Rabies Babies", "Polly Pukes-A-Lot", and gasoline-filled Super Soakers, just to name a few.

Radio Drama

Tabletop Games
  • Champions has has least two villainous toymakers who make lethal toys to aid them in their crimes: Dark Harlequin and Punchinello.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons' Ravenloft setting, toymaker Guiseppe is not actually evil, but went insane after his Pinocchio Expy turned into a serial killer. He still makes toys, but they should most definitely be kept out of reach of children (and anyone else you don't want to die or be horribly cursed.)

Video Games
  • Stauf from The 7th Guest earned a reputation as a toymaker, creating dolls from his strange dreams that serve as a means of killing several children. And it only goes downhill from there...
  • The Dollmaker, the Final Boss of Alice: Madness Returns. Is also the Wonderland representation of Alice's psychiatrist, who is trying to brainwash her into a prostitute.
  • Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen featured Elzevir the Dollmaker, who imprisoned the soul of King Ottmar's daughter with a doll he made. When Kain crashes his workshop, he goes up against Elzevir's creations.
  • In Fatal Frame 2, Mr. Kiryu, the Dollmaker, makes a doll that looks like one of his twins, both little girls. It was life-sized, with long dark hair in its face. Oh, and it was possessed by a vengeful spirit that wanted to kill its sister. Granted, the poor man thought he was doing his little girl a solid. It just didn't turn out quite right.
  • The Toymaker from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series was originally not this. He however was cursed and transformed into demonic version of himself. Having been transformed as such, he has created various twisted creations which range from monster puppets to a lethal carousel.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck is a supervillain with this as his schtick.
  • From The Batman episode "Toys for Cash" we have Cosmo Krank. After his production was shut down because his toys were unnecessarily dangerous, he starts making deadly toys to get back at Bruce Wayne.
  • Funhaus from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • These show up from time to time on Ren and Stimpy. "Log" is harmlessnote . Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence not so much.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: Combined with Mad Bomber in the episode "Beware The Gray Ghost" in which a toy collector uses remote control toys loaded with bombs to steal money to feed his obsession and buy more toys.
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo?: In "Toy Scary Boo", a wicked toymaker uses living toys to wreak havoc in a mall as a cover for his real crime.
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