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Extreme Confirmation Bias

I don't have to actually watch it to know it sucks!

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Haven't found this in the "Audience Reaction" Index, probably because it's a Non-Audience Reaction. Just from the secondary sources you can already say with 99.9% certainty the item is total crap and actually watching it would be best a waste of time and worst masochism. Of course, your judgement is not infallible, and actually watching the crap after all might lead to a most pleasant surprise in 0.1% of the cases. The reverse trope is probably more common - you watch something by your favorite artist AND IT SUCKS. Which is worse than "normal suckage" because of your high expectations.

Totally personal example for E.C.B.: Twilight, natch. You could drag me in only at gunpoint, and if I, perish the thought, actually would like it, I'd borrow your gun to shoot myself on the spot. Totally personal example for reverse E.C.B.: Firefly, which I found much less epic than I expected, and consequently I was disappointed (although it's far from bad).

Tentatively titled "Extreme Confirmation Bias" because it's, duh, an extreme version of Confirmation Bias (don't like the title, though).
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