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Toddler With a Mortgage
Kid book and cartoon characters who are simultaneously children and adults
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A Toddler With A Mortgage is a character from children's literature or an animated TV series who is simultaneously a child and an adult.

Usually (though not always) portrayed as an anthropomorphic animal of indeterminate age, a Toddler With A Mortgage frequently lives alone in her own home, drives a car, buys her own groceries or even holds a job. However, at the same time, she may also play with toys, not yet know how to read or write, attend kindergarten or elementary school, have playdates with her friends and still be subject to childhood fears.


Maisy, Dragon (Dav Pilkey books and animated series), Toopy&Binoo, WordWorld, Kipper, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Pee Wee's Fun House, various characters on Sesame Street

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