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Alternate Name: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Stock Phrase saved for characters looking to bill themselves as experts or experienced authorities in any given field, where X is usually a type of occupation ("Doctor" being the most popular one to use, by far).

Sometimes, a person noting one's own occupation is a legitimate argument to get people to take him seriously. When a problem arises in which one's occupational skills and talents can be put to practice, such as after a D.I.Y. Disaster, a character noting himself to be a licensed plumber or architect can become pretty useful to have around. In this respect, the cocky hero protagonist who is confident in his abilities gets another stock quip he can use whenever anyone doubts he can set things right.

However, in many situations, characters may call attention to their occupations in normal discussions, and usually the discussion has absolutely nothing to do with their occupational field, nor does their expertise in said field cast a better light on the subject at hand. Taken to its extreme, the person may not even have the occupation he claims to or even have work in a similar profession.

In almost every example, this is, to one extent or another, a type of Appeal to Authority.

See Also: You Fail Logic Forever, I'm A Doctor, Not A Placeholder, and I'm Not A Doctor, But I Play One On TV.


  • Lately, there's been a Dr. Pepper ad campaign where "doctors" like Dr. Dre and Gene Simmons ("Dr. Love") use, "Trust me, I'm a doctor" as a slogan.

  • The above image comes from the 2000 AD strip "Thirteen." His name is Durant, calling himself a doctor like that doesn't really have much to do with preceding or later events in the story, and he's not really a doctor after all.
  • Matter-Eater Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes once said, "Trust me, I'm a politician" (him being a comedic character and politicians being Acceptable Targets).

  • From, Sherlock Holmes:
    Holmes: Madam, I need you to remain calm. And trust me, I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow, lies the key to my release.
    • Also, when Watson is choking Dredger, he reassuringly tells him, "Relax, I'm a doctor."
  • The line, "Trust me, I'm a doctor" is said by Dr. John McCabe in The Beyond.
  • In Muppets from Space, when Ed, examining Gonzo, notices Gonzo has no nostrils, he asks, "How do you smell?" To which Rizo the Rat responds, "Awful. Trust me, I'm his roommate."
  • A non-sequitur example can be found in Slacker, where a woman keeps intoning, "You should quit traumatizing women with sexual intercourse. I should know. I'm a medical doctor. I own a mansion and a yacht."
  • From Animal House:
    Otter: (Rising in a disciplinary hearing) Point of parliamentary procedure!
    Hoover: Don't screw around, they're serious this time!
    Otter: (aside) Take it easy, I'm pre-law.
    Boon: I thought you were pre-med.
    Otter: What's the difference?
  • Another variant from Ghostbusters, "Back off, man, I'm a scientist."

Live-Action TV
  • Saturday Night Live parodies of The View with Tracy Morgan playing Starr Jones would always see Ms. Jones begin every single sentence in a discussion noting, "I am a lawyer" followed by an observation about the news story or subject being discussed that is completely obvious.
  • The British reality TV show Trust Me I'm a Beauty Therapist, which featured eight British celebrities training to become beauticians.
  • The recent Doctor Who episode "The Eleventh Hour" had the line, "Trust me, I'm The Doctor."
  • The CSI episode "The Theory of Everything" has Hodges insist, "Trust me, I'm an expert."
  • An early episode of Jekyll sees the title character note, "Trust me, I'm a psychopath."

  • "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" was a hit single for The Blizzards.

Video Games
  • In Dead Rising, after Larry Chiang sticks Carlito on a meathook, he assures to Frank, "Trust me, I'm a butcher."

Web Comics
  • Dr. McNinja feels it is important to remind people whom he's having discussions with that he's a doctor every once in a while, even while arguing with Death.

Web Original
  • Whenever Something Awful cracks jokes about Ron Paul, the sentence "I'm a doctor," or a close variant, tends to show up as a joke reason for why his political platform should be taken seriously.
  • The online blog Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Western Animation

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