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Lost Food Grievance
A character overreacts to the loss of food (usually their own).
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Frank: Oh... taking Liz's food is not good...
Liz: Where's my mac and CHEESE?! [table flip]

A specific form of Berserk Button and/or Minor Injury Overreaction.

A character is about to sit down to their Trademark Favorite Food, when it gets stolen, eaten, made less appetizing, or damaged beyond edibility. No matter how calmly they may ordinarily behave, at this point you can expect them to gasp, scream, fly into a rage, start to cry, get excessively violent, some combination of these things, or otherwise Comically Overreact. To them, this particular food is Serious Business.

This is understandable for children, who can treat sweets very importantly, and not much else (see Evil Is Petty for literally taking candy from children). It's also understandable when characters lacking an Improbable Food Budget seeing their hard-bought meal going to waste might be a bit peeved. A Supreme Chef quite naturally wouldn't be pleased at seeing their work destroyed, and any reasonable person could react this way when they're preparing to dine on that chef's Impossibly Delicious Food. And this is completely understandable when enjoying some Comfort Food, or Post-Stress Overeating is involved, since this happening atop other stresses can only end badly. Then there's the whole matter of food offering some sort of tactical advantage. It's when grown adults have a similar reaction to normal food they aren't responsible for that the trope might come into effect.

This can conceivably happen during a Food Fight, Kitchen Chase, Bar Brawl, Diner Brawl, or any time good food is used as Edible Ammunition. Will often be paired with and complement Enemy Eats Your Lunch and Denied Food as Punishment, and can overlap with Food as Bribe if a character reacts poorly to Their Favorite being indirectly threatened by the ramifications of the plot.

A Big Eater or anyone Obsessed with Food has a good chance of having this reaction to any of their food being taken away or destroyed. They can still qualify if they flip their lid over a specific food, but the main point is that they become distressed in a proportionately larger way than they would normally.

The eater and complainer aren't necessarily required to be the same person, but the food has to be acknowledged as good-tasting or well-liked by the eater, whether they have Bizarre Taste in Food or enjoy some Foreign Queasine. Situations where a Cordon Bleugh Chef becomes annoyed at a Discreet Dining Disposal happening to something they made distinctly wouldn't count.

This has a tendency to involve confectionery and pastry. Could be seen as an in-universe reaction to They Wasted a Perfectly Good Sandwich. Also see The Alcoholic, for whom wasting is another angry reaction entirely. Compare My Favorite Shirt.

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    Anime and Manga 
  • Light Yagami in Death Note is able to manipulate Ryuk into helping with his plans for once by denying him apples, and any time he's had to go without them has been treated the same as some form of withdrawal. This is one of the few times a shinigami has a direct effect on the story.
  • In the Devil May Cry anime, Morrison is able to coax Dante into doing a job after he convinces Dante's favorite pizza place to stop delivering to him until he can pay his tab. Dante gets especially frustrated at Patty, not over her re-decoration of his shop, but over her eating his strawberry sundae.
  • Erza Scarlet in Fairy Tail takes her cake very seriously, and at one point beats on everyone around her after the slice she was eating gets knocked onto the floor, particularly Elfman for accidentally stepping on it only a moment later.
  • K-On! has multiple examples, but the most extreme ones come from Episode 14 of the 2nd season, where Yui and Mio get the strawberries stolen off their cake. In Yui's case, she whines for the rest of the episode about how the strawberry represents the cake's crown, or its very heart and soul, while Mio actually starts to cry, as if heartbroken.
  • Eishun Konoe in Mahou Sensei Negima!, upon the Ala Rubra being attacked by Rakan, makes a point to fight him first, after Rakan's massive, thrown sword destroys the picnic they were having, and spills the nabe he made.
    "Anyone who wastes my food... I slice."
  • Naruto is enraged after finding out that an impostor stole his ramen, triggering the Kyuubi's chakra.
    • A good way to piss Chouji off is by eating the last potato chip.
  • Mio from Nichijou angrily attacks her sister after she replaces the strawberry on her cake with a Shogi piece. This was after she found her sister had also messed with the Mont Blanc she was looking forward to.
  • Honey in Ouran High School Host Club spends an episode without cake due to the cavities eating so many has caused him. He ends up taking it out on the club, and causing a rare argument with Takashi (they make up in the end). In Renge's words, life for Honey without cake is "a living hell."
  • Pikachu in Pokémon spends a whole scene crying over the loss of a ketchup bottle it was licking from.
  • Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica tends to react very badly to people wasting their food. This is soon revealed to be a consequence of a traumatically hungry childhood.
    "Don't waste food. I'll kill you."
  • In Sonic X, the teacher absently picks up a burger belonging to a police officer. Said officer pursues him beyond the rest of the episode, threatening to call out the SWAT team.
  • Vash in Trigun: Badlands Rumble complains quite loudly when a number of bandits smash his doughnut into crumbs.
    "That is the meanest thing anyone's ever done to me! Why do you wanna ruin other people's food?! I can't eat a pile of smashed up crumbs!"
  • In one story in Urusei Yatsura, Ataru and Lum end up spending a quiet evening at home with Ataru's parents gone. Lum even makes a special dinner for him. Unfortunately, their dinner and their night gets interrupted by angry/jealous boys from their school who invade Ataru's house. In the process, they wreck Lum's dinner for Ataru - which pisses her off big time.
  • In an extra gag page of Vampire Knight, Yuki can be seen punching Zero when she believes he ate the pudding she was saving (it was actually Headmaster Cross who ate it).

    Comic Books 
  • The Disney comic "Tele Paperopoli International" has a Big Eater technician mourn tearfully for his sandwiches after they're lost in a fire in the TV studio.


    Live-Action TV 
  • Thirty Rock: One day a year the Teamsters give everyone these awesome sandwiches from a deli they know about but won't tell anyone else where it is. Liz goes into a blinding rage when her sandwich is stolen.
    Liz: (to Kenneth) I don't know how, but you're going to get me another sandwich. Or I'm going to cut your face up so bad, you'll have a chin. (turns to everyone) You'll all have chins!
  • Sadly, one reason why dogs on Animal Planet Heroes programs can end up being euthanized is if they react violently to a rubber hand held near their food as they're eating, demonstrating that they're too aggressive to be adoptable.
  • One episode of Friends features an incident in which Ross' sandwich (specially made by Monica out of Thanksgiving leftovers) is eaten by one of his coworkers. Ross' reaction is enough to convince his boss that he has "rage issues." His "MY SANDWICH?!" scream became one of the series' most famous moments.
  • Star Gate Atlantis: Harmony steals John's chocolate and frames Rodney.

    Video Games 
  • In Deadpool, Cable is able to convince Deadpool to battle Mister Sinister by pointing out that Sinister's success also means the destruction of his favorite taco restaurant. This shows the potential overlap with Food as Bribe.
  • In Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi 3, one of Sima Zhao's conquest stages has him being attacked by his brother Sima Shi because he ate one his meat buns.
  • In Persona 4, Yukiko brings fried tofu for her lunch. She offers some to both The Protagonist and Yusuke, and after taking a bite, the two of them rapidly eat the whole thing. (The player themselves have no say in this.) She's understandably ticked off for the rest of the scene.
  • In Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, Sweet Tooth is spending a scene admiring the strawberry ice cream cone he'd just prepared, even going so far as to carve a smiley face into the "round ball of heaven." His rivalry battle begins after Kratos knocks the cone to the ground for no reason (incidentally turning the smiley face upside down).
    You know, I worked real hard on that ice cream cone. REAL hard. Dunno if you got any money in that skirt of yours... But one way or the other, you're paying for it.
  • In the intro to Sonic Generations, Sonic gasps and then looks dejected after the appearance of the Time Eater knocks his birthday chili dog into the air, then to the ground (which he has only managed to take one bite from).
  • The Heavy and Scout in Team Fortress 2 have a sort of rivalry regarding the Heavy's sandvich, starting with the Meet The Scout video, where the Scout takes the sandvich after beating up a Heavy. It became a Running Gag, with a series of in-game achievements for The Scout being able to steal a Sandvich from a fallen Heavy, and for The Heavy being able to protect it via killing 50 Scouts (called "Don't Touch Sandvich"). When it comes to his sandwich, "he's like a big, shaved bear that hates people."
  • In Tekken 6, Asuka's ending has her getting pissed at Lili for ruining her bento, and then casually dismissing the situation to fight, completely forgets that she's late for school.
  • This is the entire plot of Titan Lunch Retaliation: A Titan goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Eyeball Monsters, Flying Squid, Dragons, Flying Monkeys, and Wiener Dogs because a giant bird stole his lunch.

    Web Animation 
  • In an episode of Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?! focusing on Deadpool's pop culture-themed nightmares, he's subjected to the torture of having to watch a fully-prepared taco be crushed, broken apart and ripped to shreds.
    "The taco never hurt anyone! It was so delicious! Please, stop it, stop it, I beg you! No-o-ooo!


    Western Animation 
  • In Avatar The Last Airbender, Iroh cries when the tea he warmed up gets smacked out of his hand by Zuko.
  • Homer from The Simpsons frequently displays this behaviour towards his food:
    • In one episode, he bursts into tears and gives a Big "NO!" while watching a science experiment in which a donut is burned in order to show how many calories it contains.

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