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The band is rocking out in their new video, and hey, they've got a hot lady in it! Looks like we're in for Three Minutesof Writhing and wait, did she just eat the drummer?! Run guys run! Oops, too late.

This is when an attractive woman is put in a video, but instead of just being there for Fanservice also winds up making a meal of the band members in the music video.


  • Sick Sick Sick by Queens of the Stone Age has the band changed up while a woman is having a feast and each member is taken away individually and made into the woman's next course.
  • The video for "Everybody Talks" by the Neon Trees. There is a lot of focus on a pretty blonde who lures several male victims behind a building where she turns into a demon and (implicitly) eats them. At the end of the video she lures the lead singer into her van.
  • The band Lit has famous music video that has a massive Pamela Anderson watching their performance. At first she seems like she's only there for Fanservice but at the videos end without warning she starts to eat the band members alive.

  • Reversed in the music video of The Animal by Disturbed, where the vampire-like Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl is dissatisfied with the feast on raw animal meat (snakes, goat heads, etc), so she sends her wolves to butcher the band-members who are playing the song. Instead they tame the wolves off-screen and by the end are dinning on her prepared corpse and sipping her blood from wine glasses.
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