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Erased From the Records
Records of a fictional event were removed to justify Artistic License History
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So you are watching a movie based on a historical event. As a history buff, you have a particular interest in this historical period but at the same time you know almost everything about it. As you watch you notice how much Artistic License History is used, how blatantly hollywood their historical narrative is. You just can't wait for the film to end so you can rant on the internet about how historically inaccurate the movie is. But in the end, someone said to "erase the records" or "we may never speak of this again" regarding the events that had just happened. That phrase made sure that it made sense why our history books never record it.

Basically an attempt by Historical Fiction writers to justify their Artistic License in history and allow them to either ignore historical stuff that would get in the way of writing the story or fill in the historical blanks. When done badly, it can look like a cop-out by the writers.

Compare The Greatest Story Never Told, Written by the Winners

Being an often time an ending trope, spoilers abound.


  • The film Centurion had this about the destruction of the Roman 9th Legion in Britain.
  • At the end of Princess Of Thieves, Philip of Cognac ovethrows King John and becomes King of England. John's last words to him is that history will not remember him; presumably as a sort of Hand Wave as to why there is no King Philip in the historic record. (One could argue that John eventually reclaimed the throne and removed all record of Philip as king.)

Live-Action TV
  • The Tudors did this in regards to the death of Cardinal Woolsey who was depicted as having committed suicide and the event was covered up by King Henry and Thomas Cromwell.

Video Games
  • In L.A. Noire LAPD detective Cole Phelps and his partner Rusty managed to discover and killed the real murderer of the Black Dahlia case. However, the whole thing was covered up by the LAPD because the murderer was the half-brother of a high ranking official in Los Angeles.
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