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Music: Bonnie Raitt

At the age of twenty, Bonnie Raitt - the daughter of famed musical theatre actor John Raitt - put a career in the political arena on hold to tour with The Rolling Stones and never looked back. The Grammy-winning guitar player and vocalist has been a fixture in the music industry since the early 70's, releasing critically acclaimed (if not terribly commercially successful) albums throughout that decade and into the next before a cold streak in the mid eighties threatened to derail her career for good. The self-styled comeback effort Nick Of Time did all that and more, not only regaining her critical standing but setting the stage for a run as one of the most popular acts of the next decade. The 1991 follow-up, Luck Of The Draw featured her two most famous songs, Something To Talk About and I Can't Make You Love Me.

Rolling Stone readers voted her to their lists of the greatest singers (50th) and guitarists (89th) of all time.

Discography (get ready for a Long List):

Let's give 'em something to talk about - how about tropes, tropes, tropes?

  • Ace Custom: Raitt is the only female guitarist with a signature series Stratocaster to her name. Her tour guitar (pictured) is also a custom model, bought secondhand early in her career.
  • Breakthrough Hit: After a few false starts in the late seventies/early eighties, Nick Of Time finally shot her to mainstream success.
  • Cool Old Lady: Even in her sixties, she's still a major concert draw whose albums debut in the top ten.
  • Cover Version: While Raitt has found success as a songwriter, she's primarily an interpretive artist who can remake anything from 1920s Sippie Wallace numbers to New Wave Music in her folk-blues style.
  • Something Completely Different: Wah She Go Do is a calypso number on a blues album.
  • Spiritual Successor: For a time, Susan Tedeschi was billed as Raitt's spiritual successor - similarly a white female blues vocalist/guitarist with pop leanings - but Tedeschi has since moved to fronting the massive Tedeschi Trunks Band, embracing more of a southern rock sound in the process.
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