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While we're discussing whether or not the other YKTTW is already covered, I'd like to put forth an alternate proposal for the same title.

We have a hero who does heroic things. When the bad guy comes along, he'll dispatch him, when the town is in trouble from some kind of natural disaster, he'll save it. However, he makes no effort to be friendly, polite or sympathetic. In fact, sometimes he goes out of his way to piss people off.

Examples suggested in the other YKTTW:

  • House, who will save your life, but he's never nice about it.
  • Shrek, until his shell was broken a bit by the Power of Friendship.
  • Both boys from Supernatural Dean because you probably did something that reminds him of how crappy his life is and Sam because he thinks he's much, much smarter than you.
  • Severus Snape? (I'm not sure about this one.)


  • Kanda from D.Gray-Man. He's incredibly rude, and keeps up the image at least that he doesn't care for human beings. He also refuses to join in on the Nakama vibe that his companions have. However, when given a choice, he always does the right thing.
  • Batman, especially in his Animated Series portrayal.

Differs from the Anti-Hero in that they aren't amoral or morally ambiguous. In fact, there's no questioning whether or not they're good. This character is just not a people person nor does he want to be.
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