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If you are a superhero (whether main hero, Sidekick, or even just part of a heroic army), odds are you wear a cape.

Okay, not really that likely anymore, especially since the Silver Age, but capes are a typical thing for superheroes.

The reason for the cape goes back to the first Comic Book Super Heroes. Most prominently, Superman's outfit specifically mimics that of early turn of the century circus strongmen who often wore a similar cape/singlet design as a costume. Their simple bold colors were also conveniently easy to reproduce in early print comics.

Not to be confused with The Cape, which is a character type.

Compare Heroes Want Redheads, Heroes Prefer Swords, Badass Cape (a cape used to signify a Badass character), Badass Longcoat, Caped Mecha, Requisite Royal Regalia.
  • Superman
  • Batman
    • Robin, although when the original became Nightwing, he dropped the cape.
  • Defied in The Incredibles, when Edna Mode specifically states the hazards of them, which turns out to be a Chekhov's Gun.
  • Ozymandias and the Nite Owl in Watchmen, although the latter had a rather odd feathery one.
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