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Teaching Booth
A tiny computerized "school" or education system.
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Mostly used in scifi settings, the Teaching Booth replaces a traditional school with what is essentially a Voice with an Internet Connection... and a lesson plan! The machine could be a VR helmet that simulates an environment, an Exposition Beam emitter, or even non-interactive fifties style newsreels. One of the most common features of the Teaching Booth is it usually does away with fellow flesh and blood teacher and classmates, though it may substitute AI's to give the pupil a sense of community. Despite the shortcomings, this teaching method may actually make someone Book Smart... though it also runs the risk of inadvertently causing students to sacrifice a basic skill for awesome training.

The similarities with indoctrination and Brainwashing usually lead to comparing those taught by the Teaching Booth with Tyke Bombs and child soldiers, or at the least comparing them to someone very oddly homeschooled.

  • Dean and Hank Venture of The Venture Bros. have teaching booths, but they have taught the boys nothing in terms of socializing past 1950's Boy Adventurer type relations.
  • Vulcan children in the Star Trek film from 2009 spend at least part of their youth in teaching pits with interactive holograms. Interestingly, the pits are more like individual computer stations, and many children use the facility at once, albeit separately.
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