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Contagiously Normal

The Only Sane Man makes other people normal just by being around them.

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In order to best allow a Dysfunction Junction to shine, many writers will introduce a Straight Man as a Foil. By letting the Straight Man act as only sane person in the cast, the audience can see just how crazy and wacky the other characters are, sometimes to the dismay of the normal character.

However, this version of the character serves an additional purpose which may or may not co-exist with the original. As the only "normal" character in the setting, this person acts as a voice of reason or a stark contrast to the crazy the rest of the characters are dealing with. In these stories, the rest of the cast had absolutely no idea that they were behaving oddly or had any sort of issues. But seeing this character, and how well-adjusted they are, makes them question themselves and ultimate become more normal themselves.


  • The Silent Protagonist (Yu Narukami) of Persona 4 is this trope all over. He's easily the most normal person in the cast and has the least amount of baggage (his cool head is even why they elect him The Leader). Over time, Yu helps them deal with their various traumas and baggage. Sometimes, he doesn't even do anything; just being a person to talk to helps them work things out. In fact, the Social Link game mechanic is designed to do just that.
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