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Ugly Equals Mean
When an unnatractive character has a jerkass personality.
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This trope is parallel to Beauty Equals Goodness.

If a character is not beautiful, they are stereotyped to be the outcast, The Unfavorite, or to have No Social Skills. However, this particular character doesn't fall under these stereotypes and act the OPPOSITE of what society expects from him or her.

The Alpha Bitch and/or Jerk Jock, or in fiction is usually expected to be beautiful or handsome, but turn out to be more unattractive than the Cool Loser, but still manages to play his or her part without the protagonist questioning his or her appearance.

This trope should only apply to major or minor fictional characters who star as a protagonist, supporter, rival, or antagonist to avoid natter. Plus, the character has to be dangerously unattractive and/or considered unattractive.

The person MUST be a jerkass and MUST be less attractive than the protagonist or the person he or she acts like a jerkass to.

No Real Life Examples, Please.
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