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Emotional Regression

Events make a person revert to an emotionally younger version of themselves

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President Andrew Shepherd: "She didn't say anything about me?"

For the most part, as someone grows older they become more mature and grounded in reality. They pass by the immaturity of their younger days and become an adult.

But there is a phenomenon where in a specific situation or when around certain individuals a person may turn from their confident adult personality and revert into a nervous teenage (or younger) incarnation. It may be because of interacting with an old friend and they reminisce about all their old activities they did together. Or maybe they have found themselves re-enacting a situation from their past they thought they had grown past, such as breaking up with a long-time partner and finding themselves back in the dating pool.

A common gag with this involves a Parental Substitute where a "more mature" friend may have to be the voice of reason and they bicker with things like "You don't understand me!"


  • Briefly poked at in The American President, where divorcee President Shepard found himself attracted to a lobbyist and sought to find some way to pursue a relationship with her without causing too much attention. His attempts ended up making him sound like a middle-school kid wondering if a girl liked him.
  • Addressed in full in Home Improvement where a college friend of Tim's was in town, who was not liked at all by Jill. Tim realized that all their time together is spend reminiscing about their "glory days" and trying to re-enact them. Since Tim had a family now he couldn't go off to a bar like his friend wanted to do and the overall message was that true friends grow up with you, which his college buddy did not.
  • Made into a major Running Gag in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Robin's first boyfriend came to visit and despite still being in the same band with no music label backing them and working at a water park to support himself, Robin reverted to her starstruck teenage personality. This lead to a discussion among the group about others who do the same thing, such as Ted having a playful push-fight with his high school buddy Punchy and Lily speaking in heavy street-slang when she meets up with her friend Michelle.

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    • Maison Ikkoku when Kyoko returns home to stay with her parents. Kyoko, who has always been a mature and feminine character, gets into arguments with her father, and begins sitting and speaking in a boyish fashion. Apparently Kyoko was quite the tomboy in her teenage years.
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    what the beetle is "emotionally younger"?
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    The main premise of {{Nanaka 6/17}} involves the title character hitting her head and then waking up with the mental age of a seven-year old.
  • August 1, 2012
    ^^^ "Emotionally younger" basically means you act like a younger version of yourself, usually also meaning less mature.

    Addition to the How I Met Your Mother example: after his father dies, Marshall goes back to Minnesota and lives in his old room for a while. He quickly starts acting like a teenager: playing '80s and '90s video games, calling to his mother to bring him chocolate milk and snacks, and so on. Ted goes to Minnesota to snap him out of it (and avoid making a big decision, but that's another story), and ends up acting exactly the same way. It takes a visit from Lily to snap both of them out of it.
  • August 2, 2012
    The Nostalgia Critic started out as a parody of grown men who act like movies raped their childhood, but he still acted pretty adult. Later on, as the woobie side came through more, he became a total Psychopathic Manchild and forgot how to drive.
  • August 2, 2012
    ^ That's more Characterization Marches On, the gradual change of a person's personality over time. This is more of a temporary thing.

    An episode of Titus had Titus talking with Erin's teenage niece Amy and trying to console her over a break-up (and subsequent suicide attempt). Knowing there is only so much adult wisdom he could give her, Titus in the "Neutral Space" dug deep to find his teenage self and the long haired, flannel wearing, 17 year old stoner version of him narrated from then on.
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    Live Action TV
    • The Twilight Zone episode "A Piano in the House". A player piano with Mind Control abilities causes a woman's personality to revert to that of a little girl.
  • August 3, 2012
    This may be what the OP is after, so I present it for your consideration:

    • In the Aunt Dimity books, Lori's husband Bill says that when he was twelve years old, his mother died, and he reacted by starting to suck his thumb. Dimity tells Lori that's a common reaction to stress in a child that age.
  • August 3, 2012
    • There was a Popeye cartoon where Popeye started acting like a baby himself after Swee' Pea was kidnapped.
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    In One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, one of the patients is chronically shy and soft-spoken, an emasculated young man with an intense fear of his mother with an unrelenting stutter. With the help of the hero (of the movie version), played by Jack Nicholson, he manages to have sex for the first time, losing his virginity and gaining the confidence of a man. However, they were supposed to escape from the mental hospital and ended up falling asleep. When the immasculaing and manipulative head of staff, Nurse Ratched, returns, she calls him out and attempts to shame him. He says in perfect and unhesitant English that he's proud of himself and isn't having any of it. Then she says she's going to tell his mother...
  • August 3, 2012
    • Happens to multiple characters in the Discworld book Hogfather. Justified as the characters have essentially crossed over to Another Dimension that the tooth fairy runs, (really) and this is making them regress somewhat to their childhood. It also has some deadly side effects, like making their childhood fears come to life and come after them...
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    I initially didn't think about magical incarnations of this trope, but it certainly seems reasonable.
    • In the Angel episode "Spin the Bottle," an attempt to fix Cordelia's amnesia resulted in the entire group sans Lorne thinking they were 17. Thus Cordelia reverted to her Alpha Bitch personality on early seasons of Buffy, Fred started craving pot and for Angel being 17 again was some 200 years ago and it was a serious culture shock.
    • A variation occurs in the Justice League episode "Kids Play." Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are physically reverted to pre-teenage bodies and accompanying personalities, but otherwise retain their memories of their adult life. Thus Wonder Woman fit into a Team Mom role she otherwise does't fit and was flirty towards Batman, Green Lantern struggled to contain his childhood imagination and Superman was even more naive and farmboy than before. Amusingly, Batman is the only one who retains the same basic personality and admits when it was all over "I haven't been a kid since I was 8."
  • August 4, 2012
    • An unusual, and perhaps extreme example of this trope: In the United States Of Tara, one of Tara's "alter egos" is called Gimme ("give me")--an animalistic, greedy, flighty child-like version of Tara that comes out any time she feels emotionally cornered/blackmailed. It does such immature things as scream like a baby, or pee on her sleeping parents. There's also "T", the teenager alter ego, who does things like make out with her (gay) son's date.
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    Not sure if this counts for your trope definition, but...

    • Lymle from Star Ocean The Last Hope is actually 15 years old by her race's standards, but is both physically repressed and shares the mentality of a 6 year old as a result of her symbology magic briefly opening up and sending her into a Hell-like realm of fire.