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Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
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Needs a better name - a character, often a Cloud Cuckoolander, whose innocent attempt to make something (typically a drawing) comes across as Nightmare Fuel to the other characters. Unlike with normal Nightmare Fuel, characters in show will notice how horrifying the drawing/poem/song/story is, but the innocent NFSA sees nothing wrong with their tale of baby eating zombies or drawing of a poodle that now looks like more the ungodly offspring of a hellhound and a CHUD.

  • Kafuka Fura from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. Much of her work comes across this way, but in particular, when she gives a scratchy recording of the Traumerei lyrics about "soup made by a lady in a catskin", "a neighbourhood where all the old ladies have disappeared" and "a hole as deep as a young man's height", inadvertently producing a song that can drive any who listen to it paranoid, depressed and insane, yet dances to it as though it were an upbeat piece of pop music.
    • She also tries to cheer up a student trapped in a deserted school by saying "Don't Worry! It isn't scary! Because we're not the only ones in the darkness", while describing hallucinations of disembodied babies legs hanging from the ceiling...
  • Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy, his mind corrupted by near constant horror comics and B-movies. His idea for a scam involves dressing his friends as skeletons and astronauts, making them pass each other pancakes, ripping up stuffed rabbits and shouting "Evil Tim has beckoned you all, for you all shall pay with your brains", yet still considers this a piece of light hearted fun (even when the curse kicks in and his friends are mobbed by evil crows).
  • Kaoru Yamazaki of Welcome to the N.H.K.. As he has no experience of women beyond anime, he fails to see the problem with drawing a Moe Moe character who is a sickly, injured, ghost robot schoolgirl maid ().
  • In The Simpsons, Homer makes Bart a clown-shaped bed... which is so horrifying that Bart stays awake constantly, muttering "Can't sleep, clown will eat me".
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