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Strictly Professional Relationship
(LAUNCH SOON PER TRS) Attraction between characters who work together & want no romance. Or do they?
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"Ours is a Strictly Professional Relationship." Sounds like a Suspiciously Specific Denial? Very well might.

These characters feel attracted to each other, but they don't want to pursue anything because they already have a professional relationship, and going down the path might complicate things. They can be business partners or colleagues, or there might be ethic issues involved. For instance doctor/patient or teacher/student relationships are prohibited or frowned upon.

The characters might try really hard not to start the love affair. There's probably a Will They or Won't They? element between the two characters. There are often countless instances of She's Not My Girlfriend or Everyone Can See It. The depth of their relationship is often comparable to Heterosexual Life-Partners and Platonic Life Partners with strong and sincere bonds.

It's typical for more than one protagonist to work toward a goal or a mission, especially in detective stories. Adding a tickle of romance, not full-on groping in the copy room, is an ideal device to humanize characters that would otherwise be perceived as too cold in their ways.

It's common to happen with partners in law enforcement, because mutual trust is vital in their profession. Their one-on-one time on the job, they get to know each other very well, which especially sets them up to develop feelings for each other and they don't have the option of avoiding each other.

However, as the story develops and the plot thickens, the characters may reconsider their decision. Their desire gets really strong, and it may happen that Romance Ensues, and your characters perhaps decide to start an Office Romance. Romantic feelings and deep love often develop from trust and friendship.

Compare with Just Friends in which the characters decide that their relationship is best on friendly terms but the audience is teased with possibility of stepping over the platonic feelings.

Compare to a similar trope No Hugging, No Kissing, however, Strictly Professional Relationship is from characters' perspective, not from the authors's point of view.

Examples from media:

Anime and Manga
  • Patlabor has two examples:
    • Captains Gotoh and Shinobu, it is Played Straight, with Gotoh nursing unrequited feelings for Shinobu, who strictly enforces a professional relationship between them.
    • Captains Noa and Asumat in the OVA continuity; near the end of the Mobile Police/New Files continuity, where Noa and Asuma's relationship shows signs of becoming "more than friends".
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Batou and Kusanagi, although Everyone Can See It. The other members of Section 9 rib him for it in stand alone complex (specifically, his overreaction to her apparently dying in the previous episode).

  • If You Believe: Tom is a first time writer and Susan is an editor of his novel. They both feel attracted to each other but Susan tries to persuade herself that she doesn't want him romantically because of their friendly yet professional relationship. However, she's also afraid of commitment because her ex-husband was emotionally abusive.
  • In A Few Good Men, LT Kaffee and LCDR Galloway clearly seem attracted to each other, but focus more on solving the case at hand than pursuing a relationship. Once the trial ends, they both go their separate ways.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang and his direct subordinate Riza Hawkeye claimed to have Strictly Proffessional Relationship. Of course, Everyone Can See It. However, they had been in a relationship before they joined the military, which has an anti-fraternization law. They'd like to have more than a professional relationship and sometimes they slipped a bit, but they just have to.

  • Ciaphas Cain: Ciaphas Cain mentions that at the end of his first assignment working with Colonel Kasteen, they exchanged a look that could have led to more than just friends, but neither pursues it because they don't want to deteriorate their working relationship. Besides, he prefers blondes. And more to the point, Amberley Vail would kill him.
  • Marla Mason: Marla and Rondeau, without the customary sexual tension.

Live Action TV
  • Invoked by Philip in The Americans. Philip is pretending to be an FBI Internal Affairs investigator and has convinced a FBI secretary to help him investigate the counter-intelligence division. The secretary is clearly attracted to him and he makes a big show of convincing her that he reciprocates her feelings. Until his investigation is concluded, they have to maintain a strictly professional relationship. However, Philip is actually a Soviet spy and has no romantic feelings for the secretary whatsoever.
  • Castle: This is one of the roadblocks to the relationship of Detective Kate Beckett from New York Police Department and Rick Castle, a writer who is allowed to tag along in her investigations in order to gain inspiration for his new novels. They get together romantically in season 5.
  • ZigZagged on Friends with the Rachel and Tag story-line. Rachel was promoted and was supposed to hire an assistant. She chose Tag despite the fact that he was not very suitable for the job in order to spend time with him. She then fretted because she couldn't date him as his superior but did all she could to prevent him from dating anybody else, such as telling him that all the women he flirted with are gay. She invited him as a friend for their Thanksgiving dinner and blabbed that she liked him but tried to take it back and say that it's just physical and doesn't want to pursue this any further. Tag, however, liked her too, obviously, and they started a secret office romance.
  • Lovejoy and Lady Jane, business partners brought together by a love of antiques, teetered on the brink for a long, long, time but never really got there - they just about kept it platonic. Her successor in the role, Charlotte, did succumb, though.
  • The cool-to-warm variant occurs with Remington Steele, private investigator, starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan. When Laura Holt put her detective skills on the market, she got no takers. Laura then created the fictional Remington Steele as her "boss." Soon a handsome fellow came by, and announced that he was, in fact, Remington Steele. Laura bristled at idea at first. However, Steele soon proved intuitive and useful as a partner. A slow thaw pervaded subsequent episodes.
  • Frasier: Crane and Roz Doyle, who for ten long years failed to see the obvious. Even after they finally got it together both were scared of destroying a friendship and never repeated the experience.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Ted tries to win Stella and keeps asking her out. She insists that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, and as a doctor, she can't date her patient.
  • The X-Files: Agents Mulder and Scully. They started out purely professional but their relationship has been very strong since season 1, with several sweet bonding moments when they assured each other of their trust and loyalty.
  • The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner DS Barbara Havers. He's rich, titled, and went to Oxbridge. She's working-class, cranky, and went to Ealing Tech. At the start, she hates him and he's completely frustrated by her. Two seasons in, putting her life and her career on the line for him is nothing short of instinctive. Three seasons in, the only thing capable of keeping him from going in unarmed and unprotected to rescue her from being held hostage at gunpoint is a full tactical assault squad. By the end, they're each other's Not Love Interests to the fullest extent of the trope.
  • Karen and Davis from Corner Gas, two small-town cops that have a relationship something like an older brother and younger sister. A few times in the series, other people (Lacy) mistake them for getting together, but this is, every time, a misunderstanding. Even the last episode alludes to it with the credits say "Karen and Davis eventually fell in love and got married...but not to each other.
  • Averted in Golden Boy. Det. Tony Arroyo and his partner Det. Deb McKenzie are secretly dating from the beginning.

Video Game
  • Halo 3: ODST: Captain Dare was once in a relationship with Sergeant Buck, but broke it off because of her work with ONI. She intends to keep things professional when the two are put in the same unit again, but he's openly angry at her and she eventually starts letting her affection show through.

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