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Remade By The Same Director

A work is remade by the same director.

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When The Remake to a film comes out, it is usually done by a new director. Other times the original director reprises their role.


Films — Live Action
  • The House Behind The Cedars was a 1927 silent film about a black man who passes as white and persuades his sister to do the same. It was highly controversial at the time and had to be censored in many areas. The film is considered a lost film, with no known copies existing. However, its 1932 remake, Veiled Aristocrats, has survived. Both films were directed by Oscar Micheaux.
  • These Three was a 1936 adaptation of the play The Children's Hour. It's a very loose adaptation that changes the plot from Karen and Martha being Mistaken for Gay to Martha being mistaken for sleeping with Karen's boyfriend. In 1961 William Wyler, the director of These Three, directed a Truer to the Text adaptation that kept the lesbian plot intact, albeit still with some mild censorship.
  • Alfred Hitchcock directed two versions of The Man Who Knew Too Much: one in 1934 and one in 1956.
  • Cecil B. DeMille made The Ten Commandments in 1923 and 1956. Granted the first one was silent and black-and-white, but still...
  • Austrian film director Michael Haneke made Funny Games and only 8 years later he made its hollywood remake Funny Games US.

Video Games
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