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The Helen Of Troy
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This a character similar to the MacGuffin Girl, The President's Daughter, The Dulcinea Effect, and the Distressed Damsel, perhaps a Super Trope.

Basically, this is a character whose disappearance or kidnapping launches the heroes into a quest to find and/or rescue them. In terms of traits, they are usually "desirable" or "questable" for any of a hundred reasons. Common ones include: they're a Love Interest, family member, or close friend to one of the protagonists, another is they're needed because they're a king, The Chosen One, or some other political/plot important reason, lastly, they might just plain be a nice person or an innocent that the heroes want to save For The Goodz.

  • As the title says, Helen of Troy from The Iliad is a prime example.
  • Doug from The Hangover, who is given all the characterization of a very Nice Guy to both his friends and brother in law. So much so that you can honestly believe these guys would shake down all of Las Vegas to find him.
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