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Humans Are Boring
The TokenHuman will be the most normal and generic of the cast.
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In a series focusing on a cast of multiple species or forms of life, a Token Human isn't rare. This character often is used for the audience to relate to and gain a sense of relatability into the story's plot.

On the other hand, this usually means said human is rather dull. They are usually The Everyman or audience surrogate, and among a cast of extremely complex or oddball characters, they are usually the most down to earth and "normal" acting of the bunch with significantly fewer distinguishing quirks and traits.

Compare Humans Are Flawed, with which human characters (or just the species in general) usually have huge personality defects.

Often the bane of a Human-Focused Adaptation.

  • Often a source of complaints for the Transformers series. Interestingly however the series itself often plays with the trope since the human characters are also often a source of wacky comic relief in a lot of media. At least one of them (usually the lead male) will be The Everyman most of the time however.
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