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When both good guys and enemies in video game share the same abilities.
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A trope usually found in RPG games and similar. Basically, rather than have a selection of skills for the heroes and totally different abilities for the monsters and bosses they'll met, the game have a single, giant "archive" of skills from which both monsters and heroes can choose. In shorts, it ends up in an Elite Mook using the very same fireball spell that your character can learn, all without being an Evil Knockoff. Sometimes, the bosses or some other enemies will still use some unique techniques to have a little advantage over players.

The main reason? Probably because it's easier to keep a single archive of abilities for everyone rather than giving each enemy a special skill.


  • In Drakensang humanoid enemies and spellcasters can use the same battle skills and spells that your hero can learn.
  • Used in Titan Quest. Usually certain enemies will have the same skills from the various masteries that the player can choose. For example Dual Wielding enemies will have the Warrior's skill set, while enchanters will use skills available to magic users and so on. And since you can mix classes, many options are possible.
  • In Dragon Quest VIII heroes and monsters share most of the abilities, though in some cases monsters will perform them in a different way.
  • Elemental Powers in The Legend of Dragoon are always the same for characters and foes. The only difference is that enemies "cast" the spell, while the heroes "use the object" containing the spell. Averted with the Dragoon powers (except for some Bonus Boss battles.)
  • In Final Fantasy I it is not rare for monsters to cast spells from the Black Mage's list. However they also have some special, unique spells (like Blizzard or Ink). The same happens with most of the other games in the series.
  • In Warcraft, unrecruitable creatures and monsters will often have skills seen in other heroes or magic-using units, but mishmashed.

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