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The Bully's Bully
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The Bully's Bully is a textless web comic by Courtney Huddleston and James Taylor which began on 19 December 2012 and updates on Monday and Wednesday each week.

Using pictures alone, the comic tells short stories about an unnamed young heroine (dubbed BB by the comic's fans) who attempts to stop bullies from hurting the helpless.

From the first story, what we know about BB is that she has a happy home life, owns a devoted cat (which behaves more like a dog by following BB around), she attempts to avoid violence when possible and she uses the minimum violence possible when forced to fight.

There are indications that BB has martial arts training but this is not canon as at this writing. BB also appears to have a form of extrasensory perception which one fan has dubbed "Empathic Precognition", i.e. she feels the pain of the bullied, before it actually happens.

BB would prefer to win the bully over rather than simply beat the snot out of him. So far, this has worked exactly once. How well this goes in the majority of cases remains to be seen.

The Bully's Bully contains examples of:

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