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Real Life Super Powers
Real life power in abundance (Just Launch It Already).
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Powers can take many forms in fiction. Often they are fantastical, such as Magic, Telekinesis, Super Strength or Flight.

Then there are powers considered "mundane." In theory, any human could possess them, but most don't except in small quantities. For this reason people that have them in abundance can be considered "superpowered." These "superpowers" give them more power to influence the world than the average person. The key difference is the source of power. If a character has the ability of Glamour, meaning her power is to be beautiful to any who perceive her, then she has a superpower. If, however she simply uses her beauty to get whatever she wants, she has this trope.

For another example, in Real Life, money gives power to everyone that has it, but in fiction, money can be used to do almost anything the possessor wishes.

Real Life Superpowers include:

Related tropes:

Limit examples to characters who really stand out for one of these traits. If all the characters are really excellent samurai, don't include it.


Anime and Manga Comics
  • Darker than Black's protagonist is so skilled he was known for being able to kill Contractors even without using his powers and even before he had them.
  • Batman has absolutely ALL of these. In a way, leadership is his weakest attribute. But regardless of this, he still practically runs his own private militia of bat-and-bird themed vigilantes in Gotham.
    • Likewise, Nightwing as well, except he has the leadership part covered. In fact, that's arguably his greatest attribute, although it's hard to tell since he's good at ALL of them.
  • Black Widow's beauty lets her gain the trust of people she wants to manipulate.
  • The Punisher has the kind of skills you'd only expect from people in fiction, namely the ability to kill numerous (evil) people in limited time...and his way of pulling off such feats includes (but is not limited to) skill with blades, knowing how to physically break people, the ability to murder a man with his bare hands, and LOTS of guns, bombs and bullets. And all of this comes from his extensive military training, the kind you could realistically get as a Navy SEAL or Marine. (The MAX series, which is far Darker and Edgier and is steeped in greater realism than the Marvel-616 universe, takes this and runs it Up to Eleven.)


Western Animation
  • In Justice League Unlimited Lex Luthor (intially) doesn't posses any supernatural power like the Justice League does. However, he becomes more dangerous than the superpowered villains when he manages to discredit The League.

  • David Xanatos from Gargoyles is smart and charismatic enough to become the Gargoyles greatest foe through indirect manipulation.

Video Games
  • Master Chief from Halo is stated to be the "luckiest" of all the Spartans many times throughout the franchise. He is also the only known Spartan to survive (as the player-controlled hero).
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