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Silly Subcontinental
A lighthearted, silly character from the Indian subcontinent (or at least subcontinental ancestry)
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Not every Indian or Pakistani is a Bollywood Nerd. An increasingly common portrayal on American television is of a flamboyant, comical character, and the trope appeared in British television earlier. Originally, this trope was probably intended as an aversion of the serious, scholarly stereotype of the Bollywood Nerd, but increasingly it has become a trope in its own right. Although a Silly Subcontinental might in some respects be a Funny Foreigner, s/he not a typical funny foreigner in the sense of having comically bizarre customs or habits. Generally, the Silly Subcontinental simply doesn't take life very seriously.



  • In Echo, the hapless Vijay is often played for laughs. He first appears in a comic sequence showing off his mixed insecurity and finickiness w/r/t women, reliably plays the Butt Monkey in all the action sequences, and suffers the crowning indignity of getting mistaken for M. Night Shyamalan.


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