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Prostitute Comparison
A person compares an act that is not actual prostitution to prostitution
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Roz: "How do you feel?"
Niles: "Like I'm walking away from my lamppost and counting the money in my garter belt."
An eminent psychiatrist voices his opinion on filling in for his brother's talk radio pop-psychology show

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In order to express just how desperate, personally degrading or morally bankrupt an action is, a character will compare it to prostitution. Especially true when it consists of compromising one's principles, dignity, professionalism, or self-respect, and doubly especially true when done in exchange for money or a favor. Perhaps because of the visceral reaction that the idea of whoring oneself out for money inspires in readers or viewers, or perhaps because of how much innuendo and variations on different jokes such a comparison can inspire, it's an expression that has endured for a long time and shows no sign of stopping.

Very, very frequently exaggerated or Played for Laughs.
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