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Surprisingly Gentle Song
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So, you have a band. They have a tendency to need to be Careful With That Axe. Their songs tend to be loud, aggressive, hardcore. Whether they lean towards Three Cords And The Truth or Epic Rocking, they are The New Rock & Roll. Moral Guardians hate them. They go crazy with the guitars, go wild on the drums, the music is always played at top volume...

Wait, what? A slow, quiet, gentle piece? Beautiful, soft, may be heartwarming or heartbreaking, but the defining characteristic is that it is far less aggressive a piece than you would ever expect from this band. May be a Black Sheep Hit, but differs from that trope in that it's not necessarily a hit, and only applies to normally aggressive bands.

  • AFI's "The Leaving Song" on Sing The Sorrow, and "The Interview" on DECEMBERUNDERGROUND.
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's first album had "Cat and Mouse" and "Your Guardian Angel."
  • Slipknot's "Vermillion, Prt. 2".
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