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Fan Works by the Creator
When the original creator makes fan art of their own work.
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There is the original work and then there are fan works based on the original. We all know that fan works can be far from the original to the point that In Name Only can occur. But what happens the the original creator is the one making them?

Fan Works by the Creator is when the original creator of a work is making fan art of their own work for their own personal enjoyment. Anything goes in these from strange Shipping pairs to complete character derailment.

Sometimes this self-made fan art can become a show or series on it's own. Other times it can cause entire forests of Epileptic Trees to sprout until the creator explains they did it because they were having fun. Either way, the works were made just because it pleased the creator to do so, not as an attempt to appease the fans.

Can be a source of Deconstructions, Parodies, or even hentai. Occasionally spawned as a Take That when the creator was just plain fed up with the fans and crititcs.

Compare Side Story Bonus Art which is made by the artist in order to reward the fans for reading, just to celebrate a holiday, or as filler for when they are busy. Contrast Fanservice which is done purely to please the fans, regardless of if the creator is having fun making it or not.


Anime and Manga
  • RevolutionaryGirlUtena's creator, Chiho Saito, has made loving fan art of her characters in assorted Shounen Ai and Shoujo Ai scenarios. She does this because it pleases her; it has nothing to do with the story and many pairings are of characters who do not get along in-world.
  • Mikiyo Tsuda have made several doujinshi based on her own mangas Princess Princess, The Day of Revolution and Family Complex, while her friend and fellow mangaka have made a pair of doujinshi based on her manga Train Train.


Web Original

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons started as an Affectionate Parody of a family of bunnies Matt Groening was drawing at the time. Someone saw his doodles, liked what they saw, and encouraged him to develop it.
  • Lauren Faust has a DeviantArt page where she has various drawings of the Friendship Is Magic characters, and even has a drawing of what she herself would look like as an alicorn.
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