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Nobody Was Harmed Moment
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A staple of 80's action shows aimed at younger viewers, but hardly limited to that period, this is that bit where, after a car crash (or similar potentially lethal occurrence) is experienced by less important characters, there will be something in the film to confirm that nobody was actually harmed by the crash. Typically, there will either be a quick bit of audio:

"Are you alright, Frank?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

or the driver will be seen to get out of the vehicle, possibly slamming the roof in frustration or stumbling away in a comic fashion. The point is that the narrative stops for a moment to assure us that everyone is okay.

Car crashes are the most common and obvious example of the phenomena, but not the only one. 7-Zark-7's primary duty on Battle of the Planets (other than wasting time) was assuring us that absolutely nobody died, no matter how horrible whatever happened looked like it was. When the villainous base is destroyed, you get a quick shot of the villain and his henchmen escaping, possibly into the arms of the police (but that's another trope, or should be). The point is that kids are assured that the world is coated in a thick layer of Nerf and nobody can possibly get hurt, ever.

So go out and have a car crash, kids, it's fun!

Snark aside, is it a trope? Do we have it already?
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