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Exclusive Game To Multiplatform

A video game series that is traditionally exclusive to one platform becomes a multi-platform series

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A game series that normally appears on one platform ends up branching out to appearing on multiple platforms. This became popular starting in the 2000s. More developers noticed that more money was to be made if their titles appeared on various consoles instead of staying faithful to just one.


Traditionally Nintendo Exclusive Series
  • Pokémon is traditionally a Nintendo exclusive franchise however spin-off titles (such as Pokémon Shuffle) exist on mobile platforms and spinoffs Pokkén Tournament exist in Japanese arcades. The main-line series is still Nintendo-exclusive though.
  • Harvest Moon is usually associated with Nintendo. Most games are on Nintendo platforms but a few exist on Sony platforms. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was the first and intended to be a port of Harvest Moon 64 but was retooled into a more individual title. Some games exist on mobile platforms, such as the in-house Harvest Moon titles released by Natsume when the actual Harvest Moon games received new translators and were renamed Story of Seasons.
  • An infamous example occured with Final Fantasy. It was a Nintendo associated series until the Nintendo 64. CDs could hold more data than cartridges so Square went with the rival company Sony instead and created Final Fantasy VII. Since then there has yet to be a main Final Fantasy game released on Nintendo home consoles. Contrary to popular belief, there was never a Nintendo 64 incarnation of Final Fantasy in development. The so-called "Final Fantasy 64" was a simple test demo officially known as Final Fantasy VI: The Interactive CG Game. It wasn't even running on Nintendo hardware.
  • Nintendo lost Banjo-Kazooie on consoles when Microsoft brought Rare. This meant several games (such as Banjo Threeie) were scrapped. Banjo Kazooie games did appear on the Game Boy Advance due to a loophole though. The series was eventually revived on the Xbox 360 with Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts eight years after the previous console game.

Traditionally PC Series
  • A lot of PC Casual Video Games began breaking out into larger markets due to the popularity of handheld consoles and later mobile gaming. Series like Diner Dash, and Bejeweled are more at home on smartphones and tablets than they are on P Cs anymore.

Traditionally Sega Exclusive Series
  • Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the Sega franchises to survive the death of the Sega Dreamcast. Future titles and rereleases have been released on Sony, Microsoft, PC, and even their oldest rival Nintendo (or "especially Nintendo" in several cases) platforms. Technically though, Sonic had multiplatform releases even in the 1990s.

Traditionally Sony Exclusive Series
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