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Opposite of Darker And Grittier, I've actually seen the phrase used in some trope articles: here for example. When a series either has a spin-off or revisioning 'for kids', or a series gets lighter and fluffier as it goes on. A videogame example: My Sims is fluffier than The Sims (both are great games); other examples The Highlander animated series, and other cartoons based on fairly adult films or TV series (the Buffy cartoon would have had an element of this apparently, they would have removed sex references an replaced them with jokes apparently (which made me think 'what, Angel is turned by a really good joke then?' when I first heard it). Doesn't always result in a bad thing (the aforementioned My Sims). Sometimes misapplied to a show when the press describe them (The Sarah Jane Adventures is Doctor Who aimed more completely at kids, as apposed to the family show Who became, but it isn't afraid of death or spookiness either... it's just more of a romp and a runaround that Who is a the moment).
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