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A character is subject to high speeds and has their face distorted.
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Wanda: "Oh no! He's broken the Sound Barrier!
Cosmo: "And the squishy face barrier!"
—A Fairly Oddparents comic found in Nick Magazine.

As the laconic version states, this trope is when a character's face is distorted due to G-force/speed, like in "The Amazing World Of Gumball" where Gumball and Darwin are riding a fire extinguisher and their faces become distorted from the speed. Do we already have this trope?


Anime and Manga

  • Toy Story has Woody getting his face hilariously distorted by from riding a rocket-boosted RC car in the climax of the story.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: When Homer becomes an astronaut, during zero-g training his face morphs into Popeye's. During the actual shuttle launch Homer's face becomes that of Richard Nixon.
  • In the second act of the Mr. Bogus episode "Lights, Camera, Bogus", Bogus hitches a ride on a model spaceship that his younger cousin Brattus has boarded, before the spaceship then takes off all over the prop room. Bogus ends up getting his face distorted and stretched out due to the spaceship possibly travelling at Mach 3.
  • Occurs in Spongebob Squarepants episode "Rock Bottom" where his face distorts as the bus he's in plunges down the pit where Rock Bottom resides.
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